Services in Detail

Local Dial Tone Services
MBA constantly evaluates this market and offers our clients a wide range of service providers, including all the Regional Bell Operating Companies, plus Sprint and selected Competitive Local Exchange Carriers. MBA’s recommendations to clients are strictly driven by client needs, cost requirements and location. Whether you have a single location or multiple locations scattered throughout the US, we can help you select the best carrier option and the most economical type of service, whether that be analog POTS lines, PRI, T-1, Integrated Voice and Data, Voice Over IP, or a combination of these services. In short, we “fit the glove to the hand”. Let MBA become the “single point of contact” between you and the carrier.

Long Distance Service

Point to Point T-1, Frame Relay, and Private Lines

Internet Access Methods and Related Services

Voice Over IP

Phone Systems

Call today and MBA will explain in detail, without any obligation whatsoever, how the company helps its clients secure reliable telecommunications services at substantially lower costs.

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