MBA is an independent telecommunications advisor to small and mid size companies. In today's confusing environment of continuously changing technology, and wide variation in service charges, we have the expert knowledge and experience to help our clients secure reliable telecommunications services at substantially lower costs.

The MBA analysis process is simple and the fees are results based. After a thorough Interview (in person or by phone) to determine existing problems, usage requirements and future needs, MBA does a complete analysis of the client's telecommunications expenses utilizing MBA's proprietary computer program ... without any obligation. The computer analysis requires a copy of recent charges from the clients various telecommunications providers and a copy of any existing contracts. A pro forma outline of the cost reductions and recommended vendors is developed A report is prepared detailing this information and a projection of future savings is prepared based on all alternatives available in each of the telecommunications categories.

MBA's service fees are based on successfully reducing costs and vary widely depending on each clients needs, and the complexity of the transition.

MBA remains available to all clients after the plan is fully implemented, insuring continued counsel on new developments or opportunities.

Call today and MBA will explain in detail, without any obligation whatsoever, how the company helps its clients secure reliable telecommunications services at substantially lower costs.

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