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MBA is an independent telecommunications advisor to small and mid size companies. MBA has helped over 450 businesses to reliably cut telecommunications costs and improve profits.

MBA can do the same for your firm!

The deregulation, rapid consolidation, and financial instability that are ongoing in the telecommunications industry provide the business platform for MBA Telecommunications, Inc.

Business horror stories created by this confusing industry atmosphere are rampant; local phone service disruptions, local and long distance billing disputes, carriers going into bankruptcy or out of business, customers losing internet access and e-mail services, data transfer problems, and other disruptions.

MBA has the expert knowledge and experience to avoid these difficulties, or repair the damage done, while helping our clients secure reliable telecommunications services at substantially lower costs.

MBA Telecommunications, Inc. has succeeded because, in the majority of cases, our compensation is actually paid by the carriers/providers chosen. In the few instances when this arrangement is not possible, the firm's modest fees are tied directly to MBA's ability to reduce these costs for clients - which makes MBA's services totally risk free.

Contact us today to discuss how MBA can help your business reduce telecommunication costs.

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